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Born of necessity.
                Built for longevity.

Maritime.Live’s mission is to provide event directors, producers and technicians a scalable platform for delivering high-impact, best in class event experiences for the brands and clients they serve. 

To maintain effective communication with consumers, vendors, partners and employees, companies must rethink how to fill the space previously held by large periodic events that put their brand on showcase. The need to differentiate a brand and motivate their affiliates to align with  that brand's direction, is no less important today than before the pandemic.  Building upon decades of leadership in technical innovation and high-level professional execution in live event production, Maritime Studios is leading the evolution of this new space.

video-camera (3).png


We have a large collection of high-resolution cameras to ensure the best quality recording for our clients.



Our team also specializes in post-production and real-time editing of videos and broadcasts.


Stream offers a wide selection of streaming platforms.

Charting the future of live event execution

Maritime Studios delivers the tools and expertise to create dynamic hybrid events. Built to your needs, we customize solutions consisting of pre-recorded content, professionally produced remote live content and master central control room execution combined with standardized remote participant tools, for an experience that rises far above the off-the-rack virtual meeting platforms that have risen in popularity.

The result is an elevated live event experience that transcends geographic boundaries and distance limitations. 




From custom content to world class staging and set design.



A branded micro-site that give you

real-time control for event from

invitation to day of attendance.

RSVP, Credentials, Show schedule

and more.


Virtual Trade Show

Taking your trade show virtual?

Provide your exhibitors and paying attendees a "near to being there experience" with our fully interactive customized virtual trade show space.

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