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Meetings are meetings...
...This is an EVENT

Building on decades of technical innovation and production experience in the live event space, Maritime Studios has made a strategic shift with the current to elevate the live event experience in the context of a new reality.

Given the challenges of a global pandemic, companies are rethinking the way they meaningfully engage with stakeholders, both internally and externally, to fill the space previously held by large-scale, meetings, conventions and periodic events that showcase their brand. 

Maritime Studios is the definitive solution to the increasing demand for high definition, low-latency, multipoint virtual event production services. This is the new standard for streaming experiences today and the baseline for live event production tools and practices of the future.



Soup to nuts or a la carte, Maritime Studios brings decades of experienced event technicians, the latest technology and consultation services to customize a solution that matches your needs and budget. Whether you require a full solution or specific resources, we bring confidence to your event

planning and management.


Combining the highest quality video streaming transmission technology with proven technical event production expertise to create an elevated virtual experience that represents your brand at the highest caliber of execution.


Our virtual Master Control Room (MCR) gives us remote control to and from any part of the world.  Cameras, presentations, commercials, pre-produced packaged segments, live presentations and more can be managed and maintained from our control room in

St. Augustine, Florida. 


Our hyper-speed fiber optic network is built to give the highest level of performance and because every signal, every recording, every media file has a redundant counterpart or pathway, you can be assured that the show will go on. 




Image by Lars Kienle


Create the meeting & viewing platform you desire. Maritime Studios integrates seamlessly with most video streaming platforms, but raises the quality of the video delivery for an enhanced event experience for the audience and presenters alike.

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