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GoSessionNow provides your virtual, live or hybrid meeting a turnkey solution for registering, verifying and managing your event attendance, end-to-end.


Registering your attendees can be as simple as them entering their email and being verified by your pre-difined parameters.

You can customize the registration process to gather more data about the registrant for target marketing, upselling events or further qualifying them based on defined criteria for attendance.

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GSN’s event management tools allow you to target your intended audience with a simple registration form, set credentialed access to the events they are assigned or have paid for.

  • Eliminate unwanted registrants.

  • Administrator approves sessions and meeting that attendees have paid or been approved for.

  • Attendee dashboard / schedule, gives them instant access to the meetings they have chosen


GSN provides your event a branded microsite to register attendees,

regulate access credentials,

manage all event activities,

provide information and updates specific to your event in real time.


The GSN App

Allows you to manage meeting schedules and events and delivers them right to your attendees desktop or device.  Update in advance or on the fly with realtime repsponsiveness

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GSN's customizable archive tool allows attendees to view previously recorded sessions and presentation decks on their own schedule.

So even if they can't make the meeting, they don't miss out.

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